Impacting Every Customer Interaction at Gartner 360

This year’s Gartner Customer 360 Summit, being held in Los Angeles, California, March 30 – April 1, promises to be very exciting.

Some of the firm’s leading analysts will covering the industry’s hottest topics, including Social Media Strategies, Customer Analytics and Customer Experience Metrics. The event will also feature case study roundtables, workshops and a solutions showcase.

Gartner notes on its Customer Experience Management track description that “customer service excellence has proven to be the only defensible long-term business strategy, but getting it right is difficult.”

This is something that has been on our mind . . . and something we’re going to address at the summit. Today at 1:30 p.m. we will be sharing best practices for “Impacting Every Customer Interaction.”

The NICE presentation will discuss how real-time, cross-channel interaction analytics-based business solutions help organizations uncover customer intent and deliver valuable strategic business insights, whether the interaction occurs on the phone in the contact center, while visiting a website, by chat, through social media, or in-branch.

The presentation will discuss how these insights empower organizations with real-time decisioning and agent guidance, allowing for the service to be tailored to the customer’s past and current preferences and behaviors, providing a more personalized approach. The company is then in a position to present more compelling and attractive offers based on the specific context of the current interaction. For example, knowing whether or not it’s best now to try to upsell a particular product or service; and knowing how to best prevent a customer from cancelling. By being able to impact every customer interaction, organizations can increase revenues, improve profitability, perfect the customer experience, ensure regulatory compliance and enhance operational efficiency.

What do you do to impact your customer interactions?

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