Identifying the knowledge gaps of front line advisers

How many times have you contacted customer services only to be transferred to another adviser, promised a call back or left the call with no resolution but phoned up again and got the answer you sought? My guess, all too often!

It is well known that across frontline call centre advisers there are varying degrees of knowledge especially around the extensively varied call types that they handle. This variation in knowledge can have a direct impact on the overall customer satisfaction scores and resolution rates for businesses, especially when customers are left feeling frustrated that the adviser didn’t know the answer.

With adviser training plans often led by Operational Managers using call listening to dictate training needs, as well as adviser feedback, a blanket “one size fits all” approach is often adopted. However, this approach can result in the desired improvements not occurring.

At NICE Fizzback we receive over 3 million pieces of feedback on a weekly basis which helps us assist our clients link-up operational data such as call types with the customer feedback data in order to identify training needs based on the customer experience.

With a response rates reaching over 50%, the volume of data we are able to analyse allows us to focus on specific ability/focus by drilling down to team and individual levels in order to identify where the biggest gains will be.

In this example NICE Fizzback clearly demonstrates the improvements to both customer satisfaction scores and resolution rates that can be achieved when specific learning plans/training is placed on underperforming call types for a specific team.

This approach to using customer feedback to identify knowledge gaps allows for a much more targeted approach that will benefit the advisers, the business and ultimately the overall customer experience.

By identifying the trends and process flows that generate low agent scores we can help our clients address the core issues and suggest a resolution. Whether it is a specific gap in product knowledge that requires additional training or a fault that has not been addressed, the NICE Fizzback system can identify the problem at an early stage. By obtaining this high level of granularity it increases the chance that any enquiries will be resolved on the first call.

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