How to Help Your Agents Up-service Successfully

In a previous blog, we identified the critical steps in the journey to a successful up-service.

But in order for your agents to successfully up-service in real time, they need additional skills, motivation, and guidance.

Qualifying the Sales Opportunity

When it comes to qualifying the call for up-service, it is important to first understand the full context, including:

  • Who the customer is

  • What the agent’s skills and expertise are

  • What the call is about

Based on this information, an automated decision will be made as to whether to proceed with the offer, and a pop-up will appear on the agents’ screen, guiding them to “go for it.”

Smooth Transition from Service-to-Sales

By presenting the agent with a series of relevant dynamic questions, you can help them make the transition and also collect more information on the customer, in order to fine tune the right offer to best suit their current interests and needs.

Agent Guidance

When presenting the offer, agents benefit from having an exact script to follow. Provide them with links to detailed information about the product they’re trying to sell, including key selling points and rebuttal scripts.

Process Automation

Once they close the deal with the customer, you can also facilitate the order entry process by automating some of the routine steps to reduce complexity and handle time.

Motivating Agents

As well, when it comes to motivating your employees for success, gamification can play a role. Agents can participate in different sales challenges to win trophies and see how they rank against others. This type of friendly competition and peer collaboration can help boost performance levels even further.

To summarize, we’ve discussed in this and our previous two posts how sales can act as a service differentiator, the key steps to transitioning from service to sales, and the technology and tools that can help agents make this transition.

We know you’re looking for new ways to create exceptional service, so start by up-servicing your customers with timely and relevant selling.

Moshe Samet is a solution manager of NICE’s Service-to-Sales real time solution. Moshe has 15 years of experience in positions of marketing and product management and is passionate about leveraging real time technology to provide evaluated service.

Karen Inbar is a Solution Marketer for NICE Real-Time Solutions. Karen brings over 15 years of experience in marketing strategy and product marketing, acquired while working for leading global high-tech companies.

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