How to Engage Employees & Build a Customer-Centric Culture

One of the great things about working at NICE Fizzback is getting out on the road, spending time with clients and getting to know their organisation from the board room to the front line of the call centre. Often we’ll be helping a client who has just started using the NICE Fizzback solution to take things to the next level and make Customer Experience Management (CEM) an integral component of their organisational culture. This can be a tricky task given the variety of departments, roles and personalities whose buy-in must be secured to truly align an organisation behind the Voice of the Customer (VoC). However, as always, help is at hand: this week we share a few hints to get you started on boosting engagement with CEM.

Many of the agents and managers we meet take great pride in their work, already showing true commitment to the cause of delivering great customer experiences. However, complacency in such circumstances can be very costly - this enthusiasm can rapidly give way to disillusionment if good work feels unappreciated.  Giving up a few minutes in the daily routine to recognise a job well done can pay big dividends.

Other agents are very competitive and gaining their engagement is as simple as showing them an agent satisfaction league - they’ll want to be at the top of it. Incentive programmes should aim to harness the competitive spirit wherever possible as you’ll get considerable engagement ‘bang’ for the relatively modest buck spent on rewards and prizes. However, bear in mind that incentives can be a double-edged sword and can encourage undesirable behaviour if they’re not designed carefully. For more on this, see our white paper on the topic.

There are, of course, also the difficult cases where entire teams seem to be disengaged and demotivated. Often this is symptomatic of wider cultural issues within the organisation. In these situations it can be difficult, particularly for large businesses, to turn the tide from inside. Attempts may be thwarted by internal politics or it may just be difficult to see the wood for the trees. In these scenarios, our input as an objective third party with a full view of the business and extensive knowledge of industry best practices is the jump start that’s needed to galvanise their organisation to truly embrace VoC.

NICE Fizzback Business Transformation can help you to build up a holistic understanding of your organisational culture. We provide a range of support from helping to fully secure executive sponsorship to designing an effective internal communication strategy that ensures CEM is seen as a strategic priority at all levels of your business. Most importantly, by leveraging the individual strengths of your staff, internal buy-in to your CEM processes can be maximised whilst minimising expenditure on engagement and incentive programmes.

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