Harvesting Emotions

| November 11th, 2010
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The University of the West of England and surveillance and video analytics firm Aralia Systems are looking to build on anti-piracy technology in cinemas to “revolutionise” market research data collection techniques.
"We want to devise instruments that will be capable of collecting data that can be used by cinemas to monitor audience reactions to films and adverts and also to gather data about attention and audience movement," said Dr. Abdul Farooq of the Machine Vision Lab. "We will use 2D cameras to detect emotion but will also collect movement data through a 3D data measurement that will capture the audience as a whole texture," Dr. Farooq explained to TorrentFreak.
Questions around Customer Sovereignty - Telescreens from George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four?
  • What has detecting emotion got to do with defeating piracy?
  • Should we be paying sample audiences from whom we have permission instead?
  •  If the technology is proven here, could it also be applied to customer service areas, airport lounges, people queuing to pay for their shopping? 
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