Guide Me in Real Time and Take My Breath Away

Today’s contact center demands a different set of skills from its Customer Service Representatives (or CSRs as they are often known) compared to five years ago.

For those of you that have never worked in a contact center, it is possible that your experience with a CSR is limited to the “please hold the line” scenario. So, for everyone’s benefit I will explain this evolution by drawing an analogy to fighter pilots.

When we think of fighter pilots, we often think of heroic figures like World War I Ace the Red Baron or Tom cruise in top gun –amazing crack shot machos with the eye sight of a hawk and hand coordination which would make an octopus turn its head in shame. They were able to handle, simultaneously, sophisticated flying systems as well as navigation and combat systems.

These merits, however, are no longer required in the air force. With the introduction of the new AF35 with its modern technologies, today’s fighter pilots are focused on information management, rather than worrying about “flying the aircraft.” They have become more like system administrators or information managers than the iconic “Top Guns” of the past.

So, how does this apply to the contact center?

Until now, CSRs had to manage 6-12 different applications at a time, copy-pasting data between them all, while maintaining a polite demeanor and telling the customer on the line “your call is important to us” (a.k.a – “it’s amazing you are still holding the line”). It’s no wonder that the top CSRs were the ones with the fastest rate of maneuverability between applications.

Today, however, there are new Real Time solutions which can consolidate multiple screens and applications into a single view, and guide CSRs on what to say. This means that the top performing CSRs are no longer the ones who can double-click the fastest, but the ones who make the right decisions and make customers feel that their call really is important to them.

Just think about it – agents today can have tons of applications and pieces of data all brought together into a single window. On top of that, they receive real-time guidance, via on-screen pop-ups, that tells them how to provide better service which is tailored to customers’ needs.

It’s no wonder that the requirements for today’s CSRs have shifted from ‘double click expert’ to ‘situation manger’. This is the kind of service which can not only get you closer to your customers, it will also take your breath away.

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