Give your customers a chance to put their feet up

Two favorite words in high-tech circles these days are "seamless" and "frictionless." They describe an app that is so well designed it feels intuitive to use. The words also connote an experience where technology has ironed out the wrinkles of everyday life: waiting in line, missed connections, getting lost or finding yourself stranded with no way to get home.

But the funny part is, the customer is not aware of the back-end technology that enables this seamless experience. The customer who has had a frictionless experience will often describe it with the words “exceptional” “amazing,” or even “magic.”

In this video, we show a day in the life of a successful career woman. Caroline loves her job, which takes her to exotic locales, but she also tries to balance her career with time for her family. That's why, when her flight is cancelled and it looks like she will miss her son's birthday, Caroline is distraught.

Caroline tweets that she is afraid she'll miss her son's birthday, and the next thing she knows, Sally, from her travel agency, proactively calls her.  By the end of the day, Caroline’s travel arrangements are rescheduled, she is upgraded to first-class, and someone from her local department store even picks out a gift for her son - all by virtue of her original tweet.

“Amazing,” she exclaims, “really helpful when you’re short on time and need help.”

Caroline, the busy working mom, can finally put her feet up.  As a woman who juggles many professional and personal tasks, Caroline is delighted that someone is finally taking care of her this instance. For the company with the right technology in place, delivering a frictionless, “magical” and ultimately exceptional customer experience is all in a day’s work.

We hope this video inspires you to take care of your customers and raise your customer experience to the next level.

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