From the Team: Top Tweets from #CXday

From the beginning to the end, the first annual CX Day truly was a celebration of “great customer experience and the professionals who make it happen.” The best part of all? No one had to miss out! Between the networking events in major cities worldwide, and online panels (plus a webinar!) featuring CXPA’s CX Experts - everyone was able to take part in the enriching experience. Kudos to the organizers, they had this down packed!

Our team tuned in from the beginning, and started taking notes. As we were listening in, we figured, ‘why not take part in the excitement taking place in the Twitterverse?’ There were a lot of gems being shared by other viewers and CX enthusiasts alike. We must say, it was quite inspiring. That was when we decided to round up our favorite tweets to share with YOU!

What do these tweets have in common? Tim and Annette both stress on the importance of the customer journey, and the fact that companies should take a step back to see the world through the customers’ eyes. One of our storygraphics actually captures the essence of this practice very well! You can check it out here.

So simple, yet so true. In fact, it’s a shame that countless companies fail to realize that customer experience is about the human experience.

As we previously mentioned on our blog, the initial step to be taken would be to “get closer” in order to shape the customer experience in a unique way for each individual. Once that’s established the top 4 essentials for exceptional customer experience kicks in. After skillfully mastering the essentials, the ROI of customer experience will begin to kick in. Keep in mind: A customer may not remember what he was told, but will always remember how you made him feel.

In addition to the 4 essentials mentioned earlier, customer immersion is also an investment that helps contribute to ROI. Here’s the best part: it’s easy to calculate the ROI of CX investments! Check out this ROI calculator! In a nutshell, the efforts would lead to increased customer loyalty, increased customer spending, and cross-organizational improvements.

You can click here to read the post mentioned in the tweet above. We also published a post along those lines, pointing out the fact that very few organizations address the “customers' needs or requests in a personal way, anticipating their upcoming needs and being responsive to it.”

Did you follow the conversations surrounding CX Day on Twitter? What were some of your favorite tweets?

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