Fizzback is Now a Part of NICE!

We all have pivotal moments in our lives. For me was it early 2005 when I recognized the dramatic changes ahead for customer service, and asked whether we could build a business we could be proud of, around this problem.

Fizzback was born as we started to look in detail at the issue. Traditionally the industry measured and monitored satisfaction of customers with very small samples, very slowly and without getting at the root causes of issues. Approaches such as Mystery Shopping had not changed in 40 years, providing feedback that was hazy at best. That had to change. So we set out to build a business that enabled companies to capture and act on feedback in a way that was highly meaningful for both the organization and the customer.

Our small team developed an approach that could reach all customers, in real time, and truly engage them. This combination becomes very powerful as it creates personal score cards for every single company representative – agent, teller, retail clerk -  and identifies feedback that can drive improvements.  This approach generates measurably happier customers, leading to greater loyalty, greater profitability, and an overall rapid return on investment.

We made a market and our business doubled every year for five years. We realized that we were on to something really big.  Within 5 years we had some of the world’s largest companies using Fizzback, such as T-Mobile, Best Buy and Tesco.We already manage 200M Fizzback interactions a year. This time next year I expect we’ll be managing, interpreting and operationalizing many, many more.

We are proud to become a part of NICE. They are a world-class company that shares the vision of using innovation to improve customer service. This is a logical step for our customers and partners as we become part of a global company that can deliver highly impactful Voice of the Customer solutions.   The combination of NICE and Fizzback is absolutely different than anything else on the market and will change the game.  

I’m as proud of the past as I am excited about the future.

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