Faster, Smarter, Safer: The NICE Engage Platform

If you’re anything like me, you love the way digital technology has made our lives so much easier. Remember the days when you actually had to look in a phone book to get someone’s number? Or even a year or two ago when you had to phone a cab company instead of just pressing a button on a smartphone app?

The thing is, as technology gets smarter and faster, customers get used to instant services and information. Today’s customer is what’s known as the “now customer.” They have less and less patience for non-efficient service. In fact, a staggering 96 percent of customers reward low effort with greater loyalty (NICE Customer Experience Survey, 2013).

So when you’re running a contact center, how do you keep up with the pace of today’s digital services and rising customer expectations?

When it comes to resolving an unusual or complex issue, 88 percent of customers still prefer to interact with a person. Unsurprisingly, people respond best to other people. The challenge is to help contact center agents work faster and smarter by providing them with the right tools that enhance their performance.

So picture a contact center with the ability to serve the customer in the moment, as the engagement occurs, based on real-time, multi-channel data and analytics. That would put those service providers, agents and customers on an entirely different playing field!

The newly released NICE Engage Platform is the cutting edge of contact center technology. It is a next generation capture platform, supporting 100% real-time analytics at unrivaled scale, speed and cost efficiency. It allows our customers to incorporate real time interaction data and analytics, at scale, into all of their service processes, transforming their contact center into a real-time engagement center. They even have the flexibility of choosing the type of deployment that fits their organization’s needs, whether on-premise or cloud based.

It’s an all-in-one platform for voice, screen and video recording, as well as archiving and streaming; with unprecedented recording scalability of up to 5,000 channels per recording server. All the while it ensures business continuity with high availability and lightning speed disaster recovery.

Now that’s game changing!

To up the ante, the NICE Engage Platform powers real time in the contact center, helping organizations respond to their customers' needs faster, smarter and safer:

  • Detect and save unhappy customers in the moment
  • Alert supervisors to intervene on the fly
  • Enforce compliance adherence during the call
  • Stop fraudsters before any damage can be done
  • Free up the agents to focus on the customer

“Knowledge is power,” Francis Bacon once said; but real-time knowledge also makes a faster, smarter, safer contact center. The best way to serve today’s “now customer” is to transform your contact center into a real-time engagement center. Not to mention having happier agents, happier customers, and a better bottom line.

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