Enabling a Seamless Customer Experience across the Web and Contact Center

The Web has become our second nature. Isn’t this the first place you would go to book your next vacation, check on new deals, or compare user reviews on a gadget you’ve been eyeing?

We are a part of the always-connected generation, a generation that is constantly online and in the know. But where does it put organizations?  How can they address the challenges and seize the opportunities that have been made available by the growing number of communication channels?

In essence, that’s where our acquisition of Causata, which was announced earlier this week, comes into play.

Causata brings advanced technology and deep domain expertise in the areas of Big Data predictive analytics and Web personalization. We believe that the addition of Causata’s technology to NICE’s Customer Engagement Analytics platform will be a game-changer in how companies break down barriers between the Web and the contact center, providing organizations with enhanced visibility into customers’ activities on the Web, and a greater ability to manage the entire cross-channel customer journey.

Namely, the joint offering will enable organizations to:

  • Enhance the convergence of Web and assisted-service channels to deliver the best possible experience at every interaction across the customer journey 
  • Effectively operationalize Big Data in real time by applying predictive analytics, machine learning, and real-time decisioning to terabytes of information
  • Create and update customer profiles in real time to personalize customer interactions and take the next best action
  • Provide contact center agents the complete context of the interaction, based on customers’ Web activities prior to and during the interaction

Let’s look at an example of how the combined offering can help:

Many times, customers who are talking to a company’s service agent are concurrently browsing the company’s website. In such cases, organizations will be able to use the new combined offering to leverage up-to-the-second information about a customer’s Web interaction and dynamically route the customer to the agent best suited to handle the call. Furthermore, by using data from the Web interaction, the organization can better understand the context of the interaction and identify sales opportunities in real time. Then, it can also select the offer that the customer is most likely to purchase based on their dynamic personal profile and real-time Web behavior, and guide the agent in real time to the successful completion of the sale.

We believe that together with Causata, we are now best positioned to help companies tie together Web-based and contact center interactions, and by doing so, get closer to their customers – in every interaction across the customer journey.

I’m thrilled about the opportunities and challenges that are ahead of us. Join us for this exciting journey!

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