Employee Engagement, Phase 2: In-life Engagement

What role do employees play in creating a great customer experience? An engaged employee is happy, motivated, and will strive to deliver the best possible customer experience and outcome for the organization.

A key aspect in keeping employees engaged is rewarding success, and this requires an understanding of how to best recognize achievement. Organizations must understand what motivates their team and how to set targets, and know how to use financial and non-financial rewards as well as instant/ad-hoc prizes.

VoC reporting and analysis tools play a key role in recognizing employee success. Cyclical benchmarking and  quarterly performance analysis reporting ensures all employees – from executives to front-line staff – know exactly how their performance relates to others within the organization and how these results enable more informed choices regarding individual training, coaching and performance management initiatives.

It is important to complement these reports with other analytical work such as an actionability matrix or satisfaction driver analysis, and to share customer experience trends and discussion topics, as well as uncover drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

If you missed the previous VoC video series post on “Employee Engagement – The Key to Successfully Launching a VoC Program,” you can catch up here. 

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