Employee Engagement – The Key to Successfully Launching a VoC Program

Launching a Voice of Customer program can be an uncertain and daunting time for a business; frontline staff may be suspicious of adopting a new performance management tool, while stakeholders might expect or demand an immediate return on their investment in the project.

By developing an effective launch plan, your VoC program can benefit from a smooth take off, generating excitement within the business and delivering not only immediate improvements but the foundation for long term success.

Part 3 of our VoC video blog series looks at some of the key steps for an effective VoC launch and early stage success. These include:

  • Executive Visibility: Ensure that the owners of this program are visible to frontline staff. They should be seen promoting it and generating excitement about how this program can make a real difference to their work and to what they can achieve on a personal level.
  • Solution Marketing: Bring the program to life by internally marketing the event. This will not only ensure that all staff are aware of the goals and details of the program, but will also help gain their buy-in for the new initiative.
  • Launch Event: It is crucial to have an event that generates visibility into the VoC program, creates enthusiasm, and helps each employee understand their role in the program. It also provides a chance to discuss the program and ask questions in an open and friendly environment.

If this is the first time you’re visiting this video blog series, you can catch up on the first post, VoC Philosophy: Building a Customer Culture here. We will be releasing the second half of this series soon, so be sure to watch this space for more insights on launching VoC within your business. 

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