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As companies become more aware of the importance of understanding the customer journey, they are embracing speech analytics solutions to help them analyze the vast amounts of data that come from customer interaction. In addition to providing insight into the customer journey, speech analytics solutions offer a number of other benefits. It helps companies understand the reasons why people call, improves agent productivity, reduces operating costs, enhances the customer experience, improves and shortens the customer journey, identifies at-risk customers, reduces customer attrition, uncovers new sales opportunities, increases regulatory and script compliance, and a great deal more.

The information that comes out of analyzing interactions, serves as an evaluation of the customer experience, and helps identify areas for improvement within the organization.

The number one use for speech analytics is to identify reasons why customers are calling in the first place. The identification of customer trends helps organizations to get to the root of their customers' problems sooner.  They can provide organizations with insights into the different facets of their customer relationships, including whether the experience was a positive one; if the agent did as promised; and whether the agent adhered to internal policies/procedures.  Speech analytics can also play a role in boosting the quality of customer experience, by helping to reduce the average handle time and can offer agents with real-time guidance.

Organizations make use of speech analytics to analyze every aspect of the customer journey, evaluate the performance of agents, and identify process inefficiencies to raise the level of customer satisfaction. It is just as much a win for organizations as it is for customers, because exceptional service will be provided across all fronts in a cost-effective manner, which will consistently lead to favorable ROI.

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