Customer Interactions – How to Maximize EVERY 'Moment of Truth' with your Customers

We’re excited to be presenting a CRMXchange webinar with Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting. At this webinar we’ll be discussing how organizations can maximize every ‘Moment of Truth’ with their customers – as the title of this blog post appropriately suggests.

Enterprises across the globe and throughout all industries know the power of having visibility into customer interactions, transactions and experiences. Advances in technology, solutions and best practices are giving us great insights about our customers due to their ability to extract the meaning from customer conversations and transactions. Using a variety of new analytical applications – speech, interaction, Web, text, social and performance analytics – we can understand our customers’ needs, what they are doing , when they are doing it, and the channels in which they choose to communicate. The challenge for today’s enterprise is to take the insights, analyze them and act on them in the customer’s channel of choice in real time. Using the right analytics tools gives enterprise the information they need to optimize the outcome of each and every interaction, benefitting both customers and the business.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to take advantage of cross-channel interaction analytics and real-time guidance to create a consistently outstanding customer experience.
  • Understand how the ability to analyze and react in real time ensures that your organization maximizes every customer interaction.
  • See real-life examples and lessons learned about how analytics applications provide enterprises with the information they need to have a measurably positive impact throughout the customer lifecycle.

Join Donna, as she draws on her extensive experience helping organizations build strategies that leverage analytics applications and best practices to optimize the customer journey.

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