Customer Authentication Meets Instant Gratification

“Hello Mrs. Smith, in order to assist you, can you please tell me your account number?... And your social security number?... Great, and what was your mother’s maiden name?”

We’ve all been through this drill every time we have to resolve an issue over the phone with our bank, mobile provider, airline or insurance company. And frankly, we’re tired of it.

The customer authentication process is in need of a major overhaul that saves time, effort, and sanity. Sure, it’s meant to protect us – the customers. But does it have to require so much effort on our part? The barrage of questions often makes the authentication process feel more like an interrogation process.

According to Opus Research, 85 percent of customers are dissatisfied with current authentication hoops and hurdles. The process doesn’t fare well with organizations either, because it eats up nearly 25 percent of the average handle time, costing them up to $1 on every call.

We’re now in an age where instant gratification is the standard. Customers are looking to steer clear of pain points such as lengthy and complex authentication processes and the labyrinth of interactive voice responses. Seamless passive enrollment coupled with voice-based authentication eliminates these pain points by providing real-time authentication to customers with no effort.

The good news is that voice-based authentication allows customers to be serviced soon after placing the call – instant gratification! Finally, major customer meltdowns can be considered a phenomenon of the past.

While the solution makes life easy for customers and agents alike, there’s a lot of technology behind real-time authentication that makes the magic possible. It starts with using previous call recordings to create unique voice prints for each customer. It streams incoming calls for instant analysis, matches the stored print with the voice on the other end of the line and guides the agent – all in real time.

Real-time passive authentication offers convenience. Organizations love it because it helps agents get down to business, be more productive, and provide an exceptional customer experience, all while reducing costs. Customers love it too because they don’t need to put in excessive amounts of effort to get good service.

To learn more about how passive voice-based authentication is a win for both organizations and customers, download our free whitepaper, which features insights from Opus Research.

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