Cross Channel Interaction Analytics – Moving from Dream to Successful Reality

  Research from independent analysts shows that the speech analytics market is expected to grow significantly over the next five years. It also classifies it as an inevitable technology that most next generation contact centers will adopt and benefit from. As a result, company executives and industry leaders have begun paying attention to speech analytics, and more broadly at cross-channel interaction analytics, as a strategic solution to improve business performance.

Executives agree that there is a wealth of information hidden within their company’s interactions with customers. This information can help them improve their products and services. But they struggle to get this information because of their inability to monitor and analyze all of the interactions from all channels of communications, including voice, web chat, e-mail, and even social media.

The key technology that gives contact centers the ability to gather and analyze actual content from all sources of customer interactions is Cross-Channel Interaction Analytics. The information that is aggregated from multiple sources can have a powerful impact on interactions, the contact center, and the business overall. It offers a competitive advantage with continuous customer feedback on products and services, along with the customers’ actual thoughts and ideas. Today’s interaction analytics solutions transform unstructured customer interaction data into a strategically useful form via speech and text mining algorithms. It also offers full support to performance improvement processes such as Six Sigma.

An in-depth review of the following topics can be found in the white paper Cross Channel Analytics – Moving from dream to successful reality from NICE’s industry leading solution delivery consultants. This paper covers:

  • The business case for interaction analytics
  • Methods to drive common business initiatives
  • Best practices for successfully deploying interaction analytics
  • Improving performance using the six sigma process

You will learn about how successful implementation and integration of an Interaction Analytics solution can provide the insights needed to create powerful impact throughout the organization. The content is based on successful implementations, expertise in multiple verticals and proven approaches to moving interaction analytics from a dream to operational success.

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