Create a Killer Back Office Team by Motivating Employees

In this final installment of our guide to building a dynamic Back Office, we will continue to lay ground on how to motivate your Back Office team.

Months 4-6: Increase Productive Time.  Your demonstrated understanding of back office culture, coupled with helping your team attack their frustrations has helped you build credibility at this point. Now it’s time to narrow in on boosting motivation and productivity. Studies show that employees are likely to spend twice as much time visiting social networks while at work than they do at home. Ask your employees, in plain English, to be conscientious and not spend time on personal business at work.

Months 6-12: Encourage the Right Behaviors. Desktop monitoring will incentivize productivity, let stakeholders and associates know how the desktop monitoring program will work. Put yourself in the shoes of those who will be affected by the changes. Monitoring allows for excellent performance to be highlighted—motivate your team by celebrating their good work. When you roll out the program, consider these three steps:

  1. Transparency: Tell your associates how the program will work, who will be impacted, and solicit feedback.
  2. Insight: Capture desktop data and share it with associates, but don’t use it to manage anyone yet.  Instead, create new metrics with the data and solicit feedback to gain buy in.
  3. Motivation: Roll out the program and start managing associates to the new metrics. Reward people for bringing their A-game to the new environment.

You now have measurable back office processes, and the right tools and incentives to change behavior.  Your top performers and ambitious employees are responding. The remainder may need additional guidance and training to meet the new standards. This is the time to adjust coaching strategies to bring more of the group in line with elevated expectations.


Time to Celebrate! Do something nice for your new colleagues and yourself. Once you meet a new team productivity milestone, have a pizza party, give out gift certificates or consider another small token of appreciation for your team’s efforts.

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