Could AI Diagnostic Tools Fuel Greater Process Automation Success?

As cognitive technology continues to make great strides across global markets (often at a similar pace to which more sophisticated customer markets are expecting), we are identifying many creative opportunities to leverage more intelligent, AI tech to increase the success of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementations.

Automation Finder is an example of an AI infused technology which accelerates RPA deployment success, by intelligently and accurately pinpointing business processes which are ripe for automation. Before diving into this valuable innovation, which we believe will dramatically improve RPA deployment success rates, lets first understand some key insights which are paramount to smartly navigating your automation journey. 

​One of the many varied factors within the customer success realm to consider is selecting the right processes to automate. Sounds so simple, right? And yet, what may seem like an obvious process selection to automate (obvious to the human mind, that is), may not work optimally within a Robotic Automation framework. But why?

  • First off, robots work differently from human beings. As such many steps that a human would need to take within a given operational process may be entirely unnecessary for a robot which is essentially already digitized and naturally residing within backend systems.
  • RPA project success is about achieving business value and ROI. Therefore, there should be a good business case to use automation technology in the first place. Processes that are performed frequently by an adequate volume of users, forming a critical part of the organization's success, should be prioritized.  

So how do we move forward?

We believe that the best way to reduce risk and drive greater RPA project success is to bring AI and real-time desktop analytics into the mix when selecting process candidates to automate.  Human judgment and input will always be a critical part of the process, but the advanced AI and analytics technology now enable faster and more accurate process selection. What's more, the data that is analyzed comes from real desktop actions performed by employees daily.

What could be better than leveraging the accuracy, intelligence and speed of technology to analyze real-life process sequences performed by humans (all residing in employee desktops) to select the right processes for automation? We know that nailing this part of the RPA journey will make the likelihood of overall project success far greater.

To learn exactly how NICE RPA's Automation Finder works – click here

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