Converting Customer Conversations into Sales Opportunities

Imagine a world where all the sales guidance your employees need is custom selected and presented at the best possible moment during a live customer interaction…

In today's workplace, the additional task of meeting sales targets is often the straw that broke the employee's back. But what if I told you that there is another way? You see, I have been designed with the employee in mind, with the sole purpose to offer real-time support and process guidance at just the right moment within multiple customer interactions.

Boosting sales is a crucial business initiative for any organization, but adding this to an employee's job description can be somewhat daunting. So what if we don't add anything at all to an employee's workload? What if sales just instinctively becomes a natural part of a conversation, an additional thread, interwoven into the tapestry of customer interactions? What if it is not sales at all, but rather just adding value to the customer at the exactly the right moment within a conversation, resulting in the customer placing an additional order?

Let me explain how I can help employees to steer a conversation in the direction of a sales opportunity: My very DNA enables me to work around the clock ensuring that employees get the right support at the right time. I actually never rest, even when I cannot be seen, I am still working in the background to find all sorts of ways to add value and enrich each and every customer interaction, in real-time. I happily live within the desktop environment, attentively monitoring and observing the employee's desktop activity, waiting for the perfect moment to intervene with the right data and script, equipping employees to create sales opportunities in real-time. Let me break this down for you:

  • I have the ability to quickly access a range of data pertaining to any customer (from many different applications) and within seconds, I can summarize rich insights about a particular customer.
  • As an employee is interacting with a customer, I am on it! I automatically review all the relevant data about this customer (including their purchase history) and match this to existing sales promotions or specials on offer (from the company's next best offer system, which I am easily integrated into). If there is a positive match, I will advise the employee to communicate the most relevant and valuable sales promotion or special offer to the customer, at just the perfect moment.
  • Typically, I am triggered by screen actions, but if I am integrated with speech analytics, I can even display offers based on things which are being said in the live customer-employee interaction.
  • Not only do I have the capabilities to source optimal opportunities for employees to intelligently up sell or cross sell to customers, in real-time, but I will also display a recommended sales script to the employee.
  • To polish off the sales process, I will then automatically complete the sales order on behalf of the employee (because process automation is part of my nature, and I can access all the relevant customer data, remember?)

I am super experienced and talented at boosting sales with the right process guidance. Check out my sales enablement track record here.

So you want to boost sales from service interactions? Just leave it to NEVA!

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