Call Recording in the Small Contact Center: Vanilla Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

Simple call recording in today’s small to medium contact center (SMCC) is regarded as a standard vanilla-flavored ice cream. It’s a no-brainer commodity solution supplied today by a number of vendors which, all in all, don’t differ that much from one another (the working ones, that is…).

The tricky part is that tasty chocolate topping: namely, the more advanced call recording solutions that can really advance the SMCC.

CRM magazines are full of articles discussing how call recording today is not intended merely for compliance purposes, but for tangible business benefits such as operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Although usually directed at the enterprise call center, this same trend can be seen in the SMCC, which can also benefit greatly from the sophisticated business applications available at the enterprise level.

Obviously, we can’t expect SMCC’s to spend as much on their call recording applications as the big players spend. Nor can these smaller contact centers accommodate the footprint or deployment complexity.  Still, the most common question I hear from NICE SMCC customers is, “How can we do more with less?” Is it fair to expect that SMCC entry-level call recording solutions will provide most if not all the business capabilities of the high-end enterprise solutions at much lower price points? Personally, I believe there is a middle ground. As SMCC’s push for the chocolate topping on their vanilla call recording applications (examples can include sophisticated retention rules, meta business data attachment to interactions, Quality Management and ‘Delete on Demand’ Capabilities), SMCC solutions are bound to become more and more similar to enterprise solutions in their capabilities, without sacrificing their simplicity and ease of deployment.

Would be glad to get your thoughts…

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