CX Day: The celebration might be over, but we still have Twitter

Did you know that 98 percent of CX professionals agree that it’s a great profession to be in? That’s an interesting tidbit I learned this past CX Day.  Personally, I’m not surprised. When you spend your days figuring out how to make customers happy, the positive karma has a way of rubbing off.

One of the aspects of my job I really enjoy is reading tweets and blog posts by my friends and colleagues in the field. Not only are they great people, but there’s always a new angle or insight I take back to my own company. That’s why CX Day, with its live networking events, webinars, blogs and tweets, is like a collage of great conversations and ideas. I spent much of the day checking my Twitter feed. Here’s a taste of the key highlights.

Where would CX be without Bruce Temkin? He has singlehandedly convinced hundreds of large organizations that customer experience is what will differentiate them in the future. As a regular reader of his blog, I was delighted to see many of my favorite posts consolidated into this neat infographic -- from the compelling $370 million boost in revenue (over three years) that a $1 billion firm makes when they invest in customer experience to his “fluff to tough” schema for implementing change within a company. So much information packed into such an smart page.

I love this tweet! Not only does it rhyme, but it expresses a fundamental truth: We all know that you have to listen to learn, but listening to the customer will also improve your bottom line. How many executives out there regard listening as a passive activity that doesn’t coincide with going out and conquering the market?  But Annette Franz is a longtime advocate of the softer, more effective approach to business success: listening to your customer through tools like Voice of Customer programs and Customer Service mapping.

Who doesn’t love lists? In fact, ample evidence shows that our brains love to digest information delivered in list form. These two tweets take us to lists of insights on -- what else? -- how to improve customer experience. There are some real interesting winners here, like the idea that you should give customers control of their data: Since more and more people are beginning to realize that businesses track them, it’s important to let them opt for more privacy on the one hand, and more personalized offers on the other.  Another wonderful idea, that resonated with me, is that superb customer experience happens at the intersection of warmth and competence. Too much of one or the other upsets the balance. The ideal is a golden mean.

This last list, 25 celebratory customer experience facts for CX Day, was just plain fun. For instance, did you know that 20 languages are required to reach 80% of online population? Or did you know how many customers remain quiet for everyone who complains. 26! This post was a treat. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Did you follow the conversations surrounding CX Day on Twitter? If you did, I hope you’ll share some of your favorite tweets as well. CX Day 2014 may be over, but we can still keep the conversation going.

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