CMO Perspectives (8th Aug, 2014)

For this week’s edition of CMO Perspectives, we decided to focus on aspects that will help CMOs exceed in their position. The topics covered include the expectations and priorities for CMOs as well as how to tap the latest digital transformations. We’re certain you will find great enjoyment in reading these articles.

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Megatrends in Sales: The Most Important Question You Need to Answer []

This article features a Slideshare presentation that highlights 6 questions sales leaders need to answer on key trends. The trends themselves include technology, demographics, economics, user behavior, and more.

Out of all the questions under each trend, the author feels the most important question is, “Are you where the growth is?” He then explains why it is essential for anyone in sales or marketing to be able to answer it.

The 5 Deadly Sins Against Customer-Centric Innovation []

These are the five ways in which companies may be destroying innovative ideas before they even have a chance to be considered:

  1. Focusing too much on the product

  2. Organizational silos

  3. Lack of diversity

  4. Playing it too safe

  5. Keeping the status quo

Read this article to learn how companies are making these mistakes; and how to avoid making them yourself.

‘CMOs and CIOs Collaborating Better Than Ever Before’ []

According to Accenture, CMOs and CIOs are collaborating more than ever before. On the flip side, they are still not collaborating at a close enough level in order to transform their companies into effective digital businesses.

The study lists four actions CMOs and CIOs should take in order to strengthen their relationship and improve cross-channel implementation:

  1. Invest time in establishing a digital vision and collaboration with each other to bring it to life.

  2. Become unified around the customer experience.

  3. Rethink the operating model to integrate customer-focused practices throughout the company.

  4. Position a marketing model and budget that is aligned with a new ecosystem of marketing services

Most Companies Expect CMO To Lead Digital Transformation []

With the help of new digital tools, most companies are aiming to go through a “digital transformation” in order to provide a unified experience. According to the Altimeter Group, 54% of companies reported that the mandate to lead the digital transformation is driven by the CMO.

In this article, it’s recommended that marketers take advantage of the digital transformation by sharing a unified customer view with other departments within the organization. This view will not only be of help to the departments, but will also be of benefit to the customers themselves.

Altimeter Report Refines ‘Digital Transformation’ Definition []

The Altimeter Group defines the digital transformation as the alignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touch point in the customer experience life cycle. The principal analyst of Altimeter claims that companies need to undergo a digital transformation in order to make it in today’s world.

We enjoy being on the lookout for insightful content to share with CMOs each week. After all, CMOs are expected to always be in the loop of marketing trends and we’re happy to be of service! With that in mind, please don’t forget to share the knowledge with other CMOs, so they can draw inspiration from it.

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