CMO Perspectives (25th Jul, 2014)

This fantastic collection of articles will surely come in handy for CMOs across all industries, as key champions of customer experience.  Our team put a lot of care into selecting these articles for the information, and engaging style, with a particular focus on customer analytics and big data insights.

We recommend you take notes, or even bookmark some of these posts as you go through them. And of course, don’t forget to share the knowledge with other CMOs.

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Analytics – It’s Time To Get Back To Basics (

What is Analytics? It means different things to professionals in business and in marketing. The common thread is the fact that they unknowingly make it complex to focus on what really matters: gaining knowledge that can be used to make improvements or changes.

The author does a great job explaining ways to measure and analyze impact, bearing marketing outcomes and business outcomes in mind.

Using Customer Analytics To Improve Corporate Performance (

Many companies find themselves struggling to translate massive amounts of captured customer data into strategically relevant, insightful, and useful action.  This leads to them falling short of the value that analytics can provide.

However, there are some companies that are successful in using customer analytics to boost corporate performance. This leads to them falling short of the value analytics can provide.

The insights in this article demonstrate ways to make customer analytics part of a company’s DNA.

The Evolution of Marketing (

This article offers 3 surprising predictions about the future of marketing.

Marketing these days goes far beyond billboards, TV spots, and glossy magazine ads. In addition to broadcasting, marketing has evolved to providing true value to the customer. Marketing will increasingly become about customer relationships, as customer satisfaction plays a role in marketing ROI.

Read this article to learn more about how marketing is becoming a critical part of the customer experience.

Hype Is Holding Back The Power Of Data For Business (

Big Data plays a significant role in helping companies gain, serve, and retain customers.  However, media and market hype has created confusion for companies looking to incorporate it into their strategy. As a result, these companies are holding back from maximizing the power of the data they have at their disposal.

CMO’s must be at the forefront of Big Data to gain a better understanding of their customers, predict behaviors, and drive contextual engagement.

CMOs Need To Get Cross-Functionally Fit (CMO.Com)

Functional silos across products, communication channels, and life cycle stages make it nearly impossible for marketers to coordinate and guide customer interactions. Data fragmentation is a weakness for companies.

This is why CMOs sometimes lack the cross-organizational support to define and orchestrate a compelling brand experience across channels. What should they do? CMOs must branch out of their traditional relationships, and rally behind them other internal business functions.  The key is to have a joint vision for customers.

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