Building a Dynamic Back Office – Equipping & Supporting Your Team

In a previous post we discussed the importance of listening and establishing transparent goals within the first two weeks on the job as a back office manager. But, as an experienced manager, you know that attempting to set goals before equipping your team with the right resources is futile. Today, let’s talk about gaining insight by implementing the right systems and motivating your people.

Week 3: Start Building a Business Case for Productivity

Productivity technologies give your team insight into how they can most efficiently spend their time. Communicate the value of new technology to internal stakeholders who have an interest in your efforts and can help get your project approved. This includes IT, management, human resources, finance, quality, and customer experience. When making your case, explain how you believe your back office productivity hovers around 50%, compared to rates of 80% or more in the contact center. You can achieve similar results over time with comparable tools in the back office.

Weeks 4-5: Recognize Excellence

By now, you have insight into what makes a top-tier team member. Encourage the behaviors that drive top performance by introducing motivational tactics like pay-for-performance, contests, spot bonuses or other forms of recognition. Pick rewards that will motivate the specific people on your team; consider their passions, hobbies and life outside of work.

Weeks 6-12: Assess Repetitive Tasks and Look for Opportunities for Improvement

Back office associates often spend time on non-optimized tasks, causing frustration and errors. Identify the repetitive tasks your team has been suffering to complete in silence for years. Go to bat for them to streamline those processes, which will boost productivity and motivation. 

During this period it is crucial to optimize productivity and eliminate tasks that are not adding business value. Simplify where it makes sense and advocate for new technology to maximize time and effort.

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