Building Employee Trust with Quality Management in the Cloud

​Here's a fun fact from neuroscientist Paul J. Zak, a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review: "Employees in high-trust Enterprises are more productive, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues, and stay with their employers longer than people working at low-trust companies." 

Trust is a powerful thing – it's also linked to other benefits in a contact center, such improved customer satisfaction. When agents are provided with insights into their performance, encouraged to self-correct and coached in a timely manner, they will deliver a better customer experience.

A quality management solution delivered from the cloud can help build trust in your Enterprise. Automating a quality assurance program leaves more time to coach agents and uncover insights that will provide value not only to agents but also to the Enterprise. Quality management tools deliver transparency in the following ways:

  • Interaction selection for evaluation is automated using a random method based on  specific types of calls, such as long calls. In addition, if quality management is combined with analytics, 100 percent of interactions are analyzed, and targeted feedback can be given to agents. This unbiased approach to quality leaves agents with the impression that the program is fair and that they are not being singled out on an evaluation that isn't representative of their overall performance.
  • Personalized dashboards enable agents to monitor their performance.  They also serve as a tool that helps agents collaborate with their supervisors on activities such as coaching requests.
  • Agent self-improvement tools, such as self-evaluations, help empower agents, which also contributes to building trust. Collecting feedback from agents using an automated workflow process on a regular basis allows them to feel as though their opinions matter, and it turns them into stakeholders in the contact center's success. 

Leveraging the cloud will only accelerate your automated quality program. Modern quality management technology built for the cloud is easy to use and requires little training for agents and supervisors. The cloud also eliminates agent downtime and lost productivity that happens during software upgrades for on-premise solutions.

Deploying an application like quality management in the cloud is simple. It often takes just hours to set it up, rather than days or months required to deploy an on-premise solution, which can be an expensive and a disruptive process. Finally, cloud-based solutions give Enterprises access to the latest updates and capabilities when they are available.

Enterprises realize additional cloud benefits when quality management is used with other applications in the workforce optimization suite, such as workforce management. As an integrated solution, it allows you to set up users once and give them access to all the applications they need. Moving between applications that have a common look and feel is seamless, so agents and supervisors can better collaborate – for example, by automatically scheduling a coaching session when an agent is free. Collaboration in the cloud leaves more time for agent development, which in turn gives them the ability to advance in their careers. Together, collaboration, communication and self-empowerment create a positive work environment in which trust can be nourished.​

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