Bippity Boppity Boo – 3 Steps for Transforming Performance Management

My sister and I played Cinderella for hours as children – Cinderella dressed in rags suddenly became a princess with three magic words. Bippity. Boppity. Boo. The Fairy Godmother flicked her wand and rags exploded into glitter and satin, winning her the heart of the prince.

I don't have a magic wand or glitter – what I do have are three words that will transform your organization into the bell of the Performance Management ball.

Transparency. Insight. Motivation.

Transparency. Complete insight into every employee’s goals creates the fastest route to success. Each person knows where they stand versus their individual targets as well as compared to their peers. Managers know which people and topics to coach based on specific contact types, customers handled, and skills. Transparency provides information that changes the coaching conversation.

Insight. Drill into root causes analytics. Listen to calls to uncover and address the issues that keep your team from doing their best work. Added insight opens a world of possibilities by putting the right data at your fingertips. See how your employees score across metrics and time, so you can maximize opportunities for growth and take action to align around company goals. A single source of analytical truth will help your entire team waltz in unison to the transformation tune.

Motivation. Engaged employees deliver a better customer experience, which in turn drives loyalty and also helps your bottom line. If transparency and insight are the gown and shoes of transformation, motivation is the crowning glory. Provide access to peer-libraries filled with helpful hints from your strongest employees. Spark some friendly competition and skill-building like never before through gamification.

With these three words – transparency, insight and motivation – your performance management program will be transformed, no fairy godmother needed.

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