Are You Suffering from Customer KPI Fatigue? (Part I)

Many organizations have a VoC program that measures Customer Satisfaction or Net Promoter Score, and those organizations that listen and act on the voice of their customers often see great improvement in these KPI’s. I would expect to see a movement of between 10 to 20 points in these KPI’s in the first year of a fully functioning VoC program. Yes, this is a typical improvement I see or a target I set with my customers in Year 1.

However, how does an organization keep up the energy of their VoC program over a longer period? As with many things, we see enthusiasm at the start of the program and whilst improvements are being delivered, the excitement levels continue, but then there is a danger that Customer KPI results become the wallpaper….the number that is presented in a KPI pack is the same, the out of date wall board that doesn’t get refreshed, the KPI only gets called out when there is a drop in performance. We have all seen this happen with different projects, initiatives or KPI’s within our organizations – look around your office environment now and see how much collateral is currently out of date on charts or displays!

But your customers are ever evolving, ever expectant of great service or if not expectant, appreciative when they receive great service. They do not become complacent and neither should you. One way to re-energize your VoC program is to evolve your KPI’s. If you have been using a metric for a long period, let’s say over 3 years, it may be that your KPI has suffered fatigue within your organization. It is time for a change.

One change I am seeing within the VoC market is a movement towards Customer Effort  or Customer Ease. This has been talked about in the VoC Corridors of Power or at the VOC Coffee Machine for many years, but it has finally made its way onto the VoC agenda and my guess is it won’t be too many years before it makes into the VoC Hall of Fame.

Organizations are now systematically measuring Customer Effort and they are taking actions within their organization based on the findings. Insights teams are uncovering new areas of improvement that were previously hidden by legacy KPI’s. They are re-awakening the organization by providing a new customer KPI and therefore re-energizing the efforts of their program.

Is your VoC program or organization suffering from customer KPI fatigue? Would you benefit from the introduction of a new metric?

In the next post of this series, I will share with you an example of how changing your customer KPI could help you drive better business performance for your organization and your customers.

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