Anatomy of a Recording Win

​Recording is at the heart of a successful contact center. As it powers all the quality management, compliance, agent evaluation, customers insights and even sales training, the recording system needs to offer more than just a simple platform to capture and archive interactions.

So how did Webhelp, a global leader in business process outsourcing specializing in customer experience across channels, serving 300 customers and working with 15000 advisors in nine countries, leveraged recording for success?

10 million interactions per month

That's an estimate of the volume of interactions that crosses Webhelp's systems. EVERY MONTH.

With such a scale in mind, Webhelp needed more than a simple recording system, they needed a robust platform. One that could help them run a global business without the need to search through multiple solutions, making it easier for them to exceed their SLAs.

To complicate things further, when the company started their digital transformation, they also decided to transition to SIP and to improve their analytics capabilities. As they were moving to a whole new paradigm, they had to choose a migration path that would enable them to ensure that their services would not be distraught, while being able to access their legacy interactions.

Flexibility as a winning strategy

By choosing NICE Engage, the leading recording platform in the market, Webhelp could reach the flexibility they needed to tailor the recording to the needs of each of their customers, easily assign licenses and conduct business as seamlessly as possible.

Working with NICE, Webhelp created flexible recording rules for both their clients and the end customers. For example, some of their clients do not require 100% call recording of their entire customer population, but do need all interactions with VIP customers recorded. With Engage, they can reach such a granular level!

"Better. Faster. Smoother."

To minimize disruption from the platform transition, Webhelp's clients were migrated to SIP and NICE Engage Platform one at a time. The process has been smooth, without interruption to client or agent operations.

"Our users are usually not even aware that anything has changed. Everything looks the same, the processes are the same, but recording performance is better, faster, and smoother​." Declared Denis Menard, head of training and support, Webhelp

Ready for tomorrow's challenges

Webhelp's upgrade to NICE Engage Platform is a key component in its overall preparation for the next key trends in BPO services. Screen recording makes it easier for Webhelp to have process optimization conversations with clients. Bringing those recordings to client discussions means Webhelp can show exactly where bottlenecks occur and how workflows can be improved.

If you too are interested in an innovative solution that will revitalize your contact center, ​contact us today to hear more about Engage!

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