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​Every day, your business has the privilege to interact with customers. Make the most of each customer interaction to evolve your contact center into a customer experience center with Predictive Behavioral Routing. In our recent Webinar, "Analytics Just Got Personal," we reviewed how t​he solution drives immediate value, measurably improves customer connections, and through the addition of analytics – supercharges business results. There was so much excitement and questions that we could not get to all of them; take a peek through the questions we received for additional insight.

You can also check out the recorded webinar here.

​Nexidia Analytics-powered Predictive Behavioral Routing is the next step in the evolution of the contact center into a full customer experience center.  Let us help you make your connections smarter!

  1. ​How soon does Predictive Behavioral Routing deliver value?

  2. Predictive Behavioral Routing delivers immediate value.

  3. Will Predictive Behavioral Routing work for first contactors?  If so, how many words/time does it take to pick up the personality style?

    Yes, Predictive Behavioral Routing benefits begin immediately – even with first contactors.  With over 135 million unique customer profiles (and counting!), a first contactor for a particular enterprise may already have a known profile from interactions at other enterprises.  For new customer profiles, as soon as their first interaction occurs, their profile is analyzed to be referenced on future interactions.

  4. With high agent attrition, how does system recalibrate when new agents are added?

    After the very first phone call, the solution starts to train itself on which types of customers the agent performs well with and which types the agent struggles with.  The system becomes smarter with more data.  Overall, as an artificially-intelligent system, no manual maintenance is required for Predictive Behavioral Routing.

  5. How does Predictive Behavioral Routing work with "off-shore" agents interacting with "on-shore" customers or partners?
  6. Predictive Behavioral Routing leverages the same technology, science, and human variability regardless of "off-shore" or "on-shore" populations.

  7. Is it also possible to route based on Nexidia sentiment average for each personality style or other indicators rather than handle time?

    ​Yes, since sentiment is scored on every call, it can be a focus metric that Predictive Behavioral Routing is optimized on.
  8. Does Predictive Behavioral Routing work across all channels including chat?

    Currently Predictive Behavioral Routing is ready for inbound contact centers and with the recently completed merger with NICE and Nexidia, there is an exciting journey ahead for Predictive Behavioral Routing to make smarter connections across all channels.

  9. Will Predictive Behavioral Routing work with my existing ACD?

    Yes, Predictive Behavioral Routing will work with existing ACDs and telephony platforms.

  10. Do we need to install new hardware?

    No, Predictive Behavioral Routing is offered as SaaS and is a fully hosted solution.

  11. What does implementation look like?

    Predictive Behavioral Routing is delivered as a SaaS model and is offered with a no cost implementation fee.  With some simple updates to your existing routing logic along with a straightforward integration Predictive Behavioral Routing can be up, running, and driving value very quickly.

  12. What NICE product dependencies are required to use Predictive Behavioral Routing? (ie, NICE Recording, In-Contact, etc)

    Predictive Behavioral Routing does not have any dependencies on other NICE products as long as outcome data at the call level can be made available.  It also is ACD-agnostic and will work with your existing telephony platform.  With that said, there certainly are benefits with other NICE products, such as analytics to understand your customers' interactions better and enabling the flexibility to route on analytic based outcomes.

  13. Is the commercial model based upon performance, seats or something else?

    The SaaS commercial model is based upon the number of seats.  Additionally, with a no-cost implementation model, and monthly user fees significantly less than the benefit it drives, the solution is budget neutral and pays for itself.

  14. What is the pricing structure? Per agent per year, or per transaction?

    ​​Predictive Behavioral Routing is sold on a subscription basis as a SaaS model.  The price per agent is for a subscription timeframe.
  15. Could Predictive Behavioral Routing technology be used in a completely different vertical?

    Predictive Behavioral Routing is proven in many verticals such as healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, financial services, and retailers.

  16. How much training is required?

    None.  One of the great advantages to Predictive Behavioral Routing is that the implementation is seamless for your agents.  Your agents will continue to take the calls routed to them, the key difference is that they will be intelligently connected with customers.​

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