An improvement tip from the Home Depot – make interaction analytics an essential tool in your contact center toolbox

The Home Depot (THD), the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer, had set out to do a little improvement project of its own.

The goal of the project: transform their contact center into world class customer care. For this project to be a success THD had to make sure they had the right tools in place. THD equipped itself with a heavy duty, yet easy-to-operate NICE Interaction Analytics to analyze up to 6.5 million ecommerce-related voice interactions annually.

Project results: Using NICE Interaction Analytics THD’s Contact Center increased average order value by 12.1%, increased first call resolution by 139%, and increased net promoter score by over 300%. This success translated into an impressive revenue gain in the multimillions of dollars in just four months.

Check out this ‘How-To’ infographic to learn how they did it.


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