Age of the Empowered Customer

Welcome to the Age of the Customer. Customers have changed the way they interact with companies in many ways, from expecting seamless service across channels to using multiple touch points. Why? Because they want to be treated as individuals. They want to know that the companies they are interacting with are there for them, and attentive to their personal needs. This puts companies in a position where they must be able to create and sustain a scalable, exceptional customer experience.

High Expectations

The bottom line is that customers expect excellence throughout their journey. This goes beyond ‘service with a smile’ - they expect the standard service to be timely and accurate. Considering all the technological innovations available, customers expect their interaction histories to be known at all times, across all channels. What does this mean? When they communicate with an agent, regardless of the channel, they expect service with an authentic and engaged partner who knows what’s going on, and cares.

Care is an important element in the customer journey. There is a “delight factor” that kicks in when agents acknowledge the customers preferences across touchpoints. It makes the customers feel that agents know them personally. Yes, that does matter - because customers may not remember what they were told, but will always remember how you made them feel. In fact, our survey show that up to 65% of customers prefer an engaged and authentic representative, over one who’s focused on their needs, but is impersonal. This holds true, even if it means the interaction would take longer.


Now is the time for customers to receive a personal, effortless cross-channel customer experience. 76% of customers choose to switch channels according to their needs at any given moment. This is why companies should focus on managing the complexities involved in the execution and optimization of an integrated multi-channel customer experience that maximizes business results. Leading businesses today realize that delivering a great customer experience does in fact have a direct and substantial impact on the bottom line; and, is the only true differentiator!

In order to create and sustain a scalable, exceptional customer experience for the empowered customer, companies must develop mature customer management capabilities based on a detailed customer experience roadmap with clear direction.


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