Adding value with contextualised Voice of Customer

For me, the unique value of consulting services supporting CEM software is the ability to distil huge quantities of customer data into the ‘so what’ that drives progressive business change around the Voice of the Customer.

NICE Fizzback has 8 years of experience in mining swathes of customer feedback to produce the actionable and succinct recommendations that can bring a CEM program to life. And one thing that is crucially important in driving this end-value is the quality and availability of supplementary data to provide that crucial business-specific context around the Voice of the Customer.

Ofcourse, Voice of the Customer is valuable in and of itself and careful monitoring of trends, spikes and changes over time in scores and verbatims provide a real-time window into a customer base. Yet much more valuable is contextualised Voice of the Customer – the ability to discover what customers rate and what customers talk about mapped to specific touchpoints, transaction types and products.

We see this value across all of the industries we work within; the insight attainable from mapping customer feedback to particular handset types in the telecoms industry resonates just as well as the ability to provide VOC performance measurement on specific food and drink products in the leisure & hospitality industry.

With technology that drives industry-leading response rates, the volumes required to make statistically robust product-level recommendations come as a given. It then simply becomes a question of having the richest supplementary data as possible to ensure the recommendations we make can be absorbed and operationalized at the highest levels of our clients’ organisations. And with increasing regularity – they are.

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