A Unified Customer Experience

Creating a seamless and unified customer experience is something which is paramount in today’s multichannel environment as customers continue to use numerous touch points when interacting with a service organization. Google Analytics highlighted one area which is under particular scrutiny – the online touch point – in its viral YouTube video “Google Analytics in Real Life – Online Checkout”.

The parody of the online experience highlights (somewhat amusingly) the stark comparison between online and in-store buying. One of the key messages depicted was that if one translates the online experience to the store, customers would regularly end up leaving without making a purchase at all. While the closing shot of the video highlights the value of Google Analytics in understanding how customer behave online (in order to ultimately shape the online experience), for the NICE Voice of the Customer (VoC) suite it means something slightly different.

The video makes a good point about ensuring the online experience is at a continually high level, but it is perhaps more important to make sure the experience is consistent and unified across all channels, across the whole enterprise (still at a high standard of course). For example, a customer who visits the store must receive the same level of service and the same brand message as they would if they visited the website or called the contact center. The above video demonstrates, rather spectacularly, how that doesn’t always properly translate across channels.

But measuring the experience at just one customer touch point, in one way, is not conducive or efficient to tying the channels together. Thus, NICE VoC offers a unique solution to capture direct, indirect and inferred VoC across the entire enterprise to enable a complete view of the customer experience. By engaging customers directly through solicited feedback and  capturing the voice of the customer through social media, and subsequently by tying this to other objective key performance metrics, organisations can create a seamless customer experience across the enterprise.

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