A Healthcare Look at Customer Care: The Present & Future of Speech Analytics, SpeechTEK ‘10

SpeechTek 2010 is in full swing. I love SpeechTek – what a great opportunity to meet up with peers doing amazing things with analytics from all over the country and from so many different industries. And amidst all this diversity – we all have one common thread: we do great things for our customers and companies with analytics.

I am proud to be part of this distinguished group of forward-thinking customer advocates – and equally proud of how truly far we at WPS have come in terms of our ability to serve our customers by leveraging great technology.

At first, we were so happy with the world class workforce management and recording capabilities that we had in place. In the early days, our goal was to simplify agent scheduling and training, have a reliable recording system – mainly for compliance purposes, and generally have an easier time managing our contact centers. NICE was a great partner in enabling us with great technology for these important needs.

But today – things have changed. It’s not just about compliance and efficiency. More so than ever before, it’s all about service. And being in the healthcare industry we feel this with every customer interaction we have. After all, these days few issues trigger such heated emotions from average Americans than healthcare. Our goal at WPS, more than ever, is to make our customers’ lives easier, to put their minds at ease, and do so in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible. 

NICE, again, has been our partner in achieving these goals. With NICE Interaction Analytics we’ve been able to go beyond recording and compliance. Now we can actually optimize our Customer Dynamics, which means really understanding customer needs, using analytics to gain the insights that we need to make a memorable impact on the customer’s experience with WPS.

In terms of overall service, the insight we gained enabled us to make changes to processes that have led to better service to customers and have given agents greater confidence in explaining issues. We have also seen improvements in operational efficiency in terms of both improving average handle time and identifying the types of issues that can be resolved more quickly and easily through self-service. This can be a huge time saver, mainly for providers that call regularly for answers to routine questions. 

Having root cause analysis capabilities through NICE Interaction Analytics has been a lifesaver for WPS, particularly in terms of improving our first call resolution (FCR). Each day we identify about 45 callers who indicate they have called multiple times about the same issues – generally prior authorizations, claims, benefits, and provider verification – which clearly presents an area of opportunity for improvement. 

Analytics technologies and the analytics solutions we have in place from NICE have taken us far beyond the nitty gritty of FCR and AHT. We’re solving business problems and we’re helping our customers manage matters that have real impact on their lives and their families. We’re helping people understand and navigate daunting issues like COBRA packages, Medicare supplement programs and more and more these days, healthcare reform.

The evolution of analytics is fascinating to me, and today, with the rise and importance of cross channel analytics, this category is more exciting than ever. As I continue to evaluate and leverage cutting edge analytic solutions I’ll be sure to check back on this blog, and as always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

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