A Case Study on Pancakes and Performance management

It’s no secret – I love breakfast. Every Saturday I wake up ready to make a fresh batch of pancakes for my house. But this Saturday I had a bit of a disaster on my hands, a disaster that’s reminiscent of something we see all to often in Performance management.

New pancake molds that promised to turn my ordinary round pancakes into a flurry of autumnal shapes sent me rushing down the stairs in the morning. I mixed up my favorite buttermilk recipe and scooped dollops of batter into a sizzling pan. Just as the pancakes started to bubble I reached for the spatula.

My hand came up empty. I opened the drawer. No spatula. I opened another drawer. Then another. Then searched the dishwasher. No spatula. Eyes wide as my pancakes reached the tipping point between pleasantly crisp and burning. The kitchen clutter of multiple utensil drawers and a recent move left everything in a certain state of chaos I thought I could ignore until this very moment.

Excited about my new pancake molds I’d forgotten to verify I had all of the essential items in place to complete the task and let a vital tool get lost in the clutter. Ever felt this way about your performance management software?

A good system aligns your team around a single source of truth and drives focus – not complexity. My multiple utensil drawers amplified kitchen complexity and landed me with burnt pancakes. Organizational complexity can leave you with dissatisfied customers and disengaged employees, in turn burning your reputation.

Streamline. That’s the name of the game. Placing all the essentials in one spot makes any task easier, be it cooking or managing performance. Gather all of your analytical insights and data into one drawer. Make data easily accessible and transparent, so every employee can have all the tools they need to succeed right at their fingertips. Once those elements are in place top off the experience with an added dose of motivation through innovation like gamification.

Elements like gamification can amplify employee engagement, but only when snapped on top of an all-star performance management program. With out a single source of truth to align all the data and insight, gamification turns into a novelty that won’t aid employees in the pursuit of good business practices.

Rallying an entire organization around a single source of truth is a recipe for success. Don’t be caught rummaging for critical data. To successfully drive a positive customer experiences through employee engagement give your team access to what they need to succeed.

Take a look at this infographic to get a better idea of how your Performance management program stacks up.

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