7 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service–Starting Right Now (26th Jan, 2013)

These days, companies must create a consistent and compelling customer experience across all communication channels in order to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A new research study by Synthetix reveals that 91% of customers expect to receive consistent information over multiple contact channels. According to the survey, more than half of consumers now expect companies to provide customer service via social media channels, such as Facebook. As well, 74% of customers ranked poor multi-channel service as a major annoyance.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure a positive experience in customer interactions every step of the way. Here’s what you need to know to impact every interaction:

1.  Delivering superior customer service hinges on four pillars of customer communication, all working in coordination: a holistic view, contextual accuracy, a personal touch, and timely service.

2.  Every single customer interaction is a Decisive Moment, where real-time decisioning and actions can have a huge impact. This is a prime opportunity to build customer value, foster loyalty, increase a customer’s lifetime value, and boost your bottom line.

3.  In this era of transparency, customers have never been wiser; they’re intimately familiar with corporate policies, pricing strategies, and communication channels.

4. Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook can amplify the impact on a company’s reputation as an excellent customer service provider.

5. By examining a customer’s interactions across multiple channels, an organization can analyze intent and gain insights that are not readily apparent when looking at individual interactions.

6. Personalized service is essential to creating long-lasting relationships with loyal customers.

Organizations that invest in creating a holistic customer profile and in analyzing a customer’s needs—between interactions and during interactions in real time—can make appropriate personalized product recommendations based on a customer’s specific circumstances, which promotes loyalty.

7.  Businesses must guarantee that their agents take advantage of every opportunity in real time – to mitigate developing customer dissatisfaction, identify hidden sales opportunities, and offer the right deals. Organizations that aren’t doing this are missing out on an opportunity to offer superior customer service and ensure loyalty and business growth.

Read more on how to Impact Every Customer Interaction in our co-authored whitepaper with the Peppers&Rogers Group.

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