5 Reasons Why Monitoring Your Agents’ Desktops is a Good Thing

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Let’s face it - nobody likes a situation where managers can monitor employees for every click of a button, every app used or website visited from their company computer. This may feel ‘big brother-ish’, but it will also make employees conscious about their online activities.

From the organizational perspective, getting visibility into contact center and back office agents’ daily desktop activities is a must-have. Here are 5 ways that it helps both managers and employees:

1. Targeted agent training: As managers keep track of the progress made by each agent at the front line, they are able to identify agents in need of extra attention. As low-performing agents are flagged, managers will be able to point out their weaknesses and offer tailored training to match their problem areas.

2. Reward those who outperform: It’s not only about identifying employees in need of improvement, but it’s also about helping managers identify who their top performers are, and rewarding them accordingly.

3. Increase productivity implicitly: Managers can analyze productivity of their teams by seeing the amount of time it takes to perform various tasks and processes. As agents are aware that their application usage, menu selections, and even field entries are being accounted for, they are encouraged to spend their time wisely and excel in performance.

4. Identify inefficiencies: Based on the collected data, the organization can identify inefficiencies in their current processes and workflows. Processes that drive long handle times or those which are more complicated for agents will surface, and an action plan for how to shorten and simplify these processes can be put into place.

5. Leverage best practices: By analyzing steps taken by the best agents in the team, The organization can find the ‘best practice’ path to take in order to counter these inefficiencies. The best practice can be leveraged throughout the workforce.

These are just a few of the advantages that NICE Real-Time Service Optimization provides in the contact center as well as the back office. We have a 40 minute webinar filled with insights, real life use cases, and tips you can implement today. Click here for more.

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