44 Tips that Drive Extraordinary Customer Experience

The secret to profitable organic growth lies in delivering a customer experience that competitors find tough to match. Managing the complexity of the challenge that customer experience poses starts with engaging customers in a multi-channel environment, and subsequently building lasting relationships through innovative ways. Here are the most important guidelines that help accomplish that:

  1. Build your CX strategy based on what your brand stands for.

  2. Tune all your resources to accomplish the greater goal of customer engagement and experience.

  3. Understand the customer journey – completely.

  4. Focus on creating distinct experiences that can be repeated. Utilize technology for that.

  5. Create easy and improved interfaces for the customer on every channel.

  6. Engage the customer beyond the conventional sales cycle.

  7. Do not look for shortcuts when creating a great customer experience.

  8. Let customer feedback be your compass – listen to your customers and encourage them to talk.

  9. Never miss an opportunity to reaffirm your company’s commitment to the customer.

  10. Accomplish goals that are hard for competitors to replicate.

  11. Make improvements to the customer experience as part of the natural process.

  12. Build a strong customer relationship through personalized interactions.

  13. Engage the best team in place for interacting with customers.

  14. Build strong, positive emotional bonds with every customer.

  15. Do not ignore any aspect of the customer interaction.

  16. Add value in every interaction.

  17. Avoid multiple data captures; share customer details across the company for efficiency.

  18. Innovate and explore creative new ways to engage customers.

  19. Focus on how you adequately deliver the customer promise.

  20. Never mislead the customer because of pressure to retain them.

  21. Convert every bad customer experience into a great one.

  22. Say what you do. Do what you say.

  23. Don’t be boring.

  24. Be proactive, first and foremost; it’s a state of mind.

  25. Value customers and compliment them often.

  26. Customer communication needs to be open, regular and complete.

  27. Adapt to the needs of the customers.

  28. Think and act from the customer perspective.

  29. Make the customer feel in control.

  30. Keep the interactions both easy and fun.

  31. Accept responsibility, especially when things are not working.

  32. Be nice even in a highly charged environment.

  33. Provide additional assistance.

  34. Be prompt in all responses.

  35. Create the ‘wow’ moments of customer interactions. A little kindness goes a long way.

  36. Create a clear escalation path and follow it closely.

  37. Treat every customer as a high value customer.

  38. Solicit the customers for suggestions on improvement of customer experience and follow up on that.

  39. Deliver consistently and over deliver.

  40. Make and keep promises.

  41. Never rest on accolades.

  42. Increase and maintain interaction with customers.

  43. Embrace collaboration while fulfilling the needs of the customer.

  44. Make Customer Experience part of the company’s DNA.

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