40 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Delivering a great customer experience consistently is all about taking care of customers in ways that add value and create positive emotions for the customer. Here are 40 ways that ingrain great customer experience into your company’s culture, thus making it achievable under all circumstances.

  1. Understand: Great customer experience starts with a deep understanding of your business and the customer.

  2. Sync up: Let employees, processes and technologies all work towards the unified goal of customer engagement and creating an exceptional customer experience.

  3. Focus on repeatable experiences: Explore opportunities for creating customer experiences that are easily repeatable by you while almost impossible for your competitors to replicate. Customers highly value this distinction.

  4. Watch out for the pitfalls: It requires additional insight to avoid the common pitfalls that lie across the customer journey. Use insight to “walk in your customers’ shoes”.

  5. Make it ‘easy’ and ‘better’: Be it the buying experience, service, complaint logging or any customer interaction, always focus on creating easy and better customer interfaces, thereby reducing customer effort.

  6. The sale is only the start: Customer experiences continue long after the sales transaction has happened. In fact, they only get more critical in affecting customer loyalty.

  7. No compromises: There’s no room for any kind of compromise when it comes to creating a great customer experience. The customer is the king and that is all there is to it.

  8. Instant gratification: Customers assume ‘instant service’ as a definite part of great customer experience. They expect customer service reps and call center agents to be ready with resolutions in the moment.

  9. A whole transition: The entire company culture needs to be focused on the single goal of delivering exceptional customer experience.

  10. Embrace opportunity: Dare to take up all opportunities to do new things in the direction of meeting the customers’ needs, wants and expectations.

  11. Set high standards: Dream big and win customer loyalty by setting the highest standards in customer service and experience. Under-promise, over-deliver.

  12. Enjoy improving customer experiences: Let your teams have fun while working on the customer-centric goals. Make it part of the natural employee engagement activity.

  13. Make personal connections: Encourage the customer interfacing teams to establish a personal connection with your customers by learning about their likes, concerns, similarities, etc.

  14. Build complete profiles of customers: In-depth customer profiling adds value to customer intelligence and enables the agents and the multiple contact channels to connect better with customer needs.

  15. Skilled and trained customer service professionals: Put the most experienced and well trained service agents at the helm of customer interactions to get the most enriching connections with the customer each and every time.

  16. Treat them with respect: The way you treat your customers at various service points has far-reaching implications on your company’s success and its future. Build your reputation on a strong foundation of mutual respect.

  17. Share your success with customers: Build positive emotional connections with your customers by sharing the fruits of your success with them. Make the customers feel that you value and appreciate their business and loyalty.

  18. The devil is in the details: Customers have great memory for minute details that are part of pre- and post-purchase interactions. These constitute a significant part of the overall customer experience.

  19. Observe, capture, share and respond: Observe customer interactions to detect the fine points about their profile. Share these features and see that you respond to them with suitable action that creates a memorable, lasting experience.

  20. Give more: Offer extra to let the customers feel as though they are getting more.

  21. Extend the customer relationship: Acknowledge the customer’s family by offering them something fun and valuable, where possible. This makes the customer bond stronger and, as a result, will last longer.

  22. Show that you care: You can never undervalue the potential of a ‘thank you’ note or a birthday card. Send an exclusive discount for dinner as a special anniversary gift. Every offering matters.

  23. Stay confident: There is great wisdom when you recommend another company in situations where you think you cannot meet a customer’s demand.

  24. Listen: Listen intently when the customer talks. Interrupting the customer mid-flow is never a good idea.

  25. Impress unhappy customers: Try every possible avenue to retain unhappy customers. Valuable insight is hidden in their negative feedback. Acting on this insight is worth the effort.

  26. Demonstrate product usage: Spend time to teach a customer on the correct use of products. It spares many unnecessary complaints later.

  27. Stand as one: All employees need to stand unified with the company, especially when interacting with the customer.

  28. Accept responsibility: If there has been a mistake, accept it and make amends for it.

  29. Avoid indefinite wait time: Always give the customers an estimate of how long they will need to wait before you can resolve their issue.

  30. Stick to positive comments: Say only good things about your customer, however troublesome they are.

  31. Be genuine: Let the whole customer-centric approach be an unpretentious and genuine commitment.  

  32. Be Proactive: Proactively contact your customers to give them information they are waiting for instead of making them call again.

  33. Inspire: Offer your customers the right incentive that will motivate them to keep their business with you and enthuse them to buy even more.

  34. Keep customers informed: Allow customers to make alternative plans by sharing information in totality.

  35. Be adaptable and flexible: Customers love interacting with companies that adapt according to their preferences and situation.

  36. Follow up: Always check whether the customer is satisfied with the response on a performance issue or customer complaint.

  37. Put the customer in charge: Give your customers choices that will give them control over the interactions.

  38. The means is as important as the end: The way you deliver a promise is as vital as the promise itself.

  39. Personalize: Pay attention to the individual needs of each and every customer and personalize your service to them. Personalization makes the experience valuable and instills an enormous amount of customer loyalty.

  40. Delight in innovative ways: Do something original that makes the customer feel special and subsequently puts a smile on their face. It doesn’t have to be big – even little acts of kindness go a long way.

The secret to making a distinctive mark on the customer lies in delivering customer service with a deep understanding, and at the same time making it look easy and natural. Begin the journey by choosing some of the above tips and implementing them by making the necessary modifications. Customizing them to your company’s culture and processes is a key step in successfully implementing your CX program.

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