4 Signs your QM Program Needs a Refresh – Sign 1: Flat Lining Results

There’s nothing like a great loaf of fresh baked bread. However, given time even the fluffiest most delicious bread will go stale – likewise an unattended Quality Management program will become stale and irrelevant.

I remember walking into a previous role as QA Manager feeling excited by the opportunity to create something that would impact customers, associates and the organization.

Thus was born the QA Program that would change the world…or at least my organization’s world. Hours of work with customers, business leaders, analysts and associates ensured we were tracking what really mattered to our organization. We prepared for “go live” with the marketing and hoopla of a circus coming to town. Everyone was excited and energetic. And a year later, we were able to show how our changes drove improvements in the targeted areas.

But soon the numbers began to stagnate. The program was no longer yielding the same improvement in results. Stagnating results are just one sign that a QA program needs an overhaul. In this four part series we will discuss the signals of a QA program that is about to go stale.

Sign #1: Results Begin to Flat Line

There are many reasons why improvements taper off, so it is important to effectively analyze the data in order to ensure you are making the right moves.

  • Have customer expectations changed?

  • Customers will tell you what they need…and what they don’t need.  Adjust the requirements on the evaluation form or definitions document to address gaps seen in your voice of the customer results. Be prepared to take it head-on and without apology.

  • Have associates mastered the expectations you have set before them?

  • Raise the Bar. Let’s be honest – you can never be too good.

  • Are evaluators still holding associates accountable?

  • Calibrate – Discuss – Repeat Regularly!  Sometimes those evaluating interactions need to be reminded of the standards and the impact on performance.  How much money is a longer-than-acceptable hold time costing the company?  How much is customer satisfaction impacted by not providing first contact resolution?  Discussing the top-down impacts can help evaluators and agents understand the standards.

If your critical KPIs have been within the same range for six months or longer, your program is probably stale. No need to lose heart, just as great bread can be repurposed into delicious French toast, your QA program can be reinvigorated into something great once again. Bring back excitement and bring back results.

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Signs your QA Program Needs a Refresh.”

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