3 easy steps for Straight A Coaching

Coaching your employees takes finesse – it’s a big task and you want to do it expertly. Many companies lack a clear definition, and subsequent structure to engage with active coaching. If you are aiming for straight A’s on your coaching report card here are three simple steps that will drive coaching impact.

Assign a Definition

Create a single company-wide definition of coaching. Too often there are multiple definitions —a high five, water cooler conversation, monthly one-on-one. Instead align your team around one standard. To create a definition start by thinking of it as a meaningful one-on-one event, and then define the frequency and specifics your organization needs to be a coaching success.

Align Coaches

Once you have a coaching definition, you need to align your coaches with that vision and give them appropriate resources to maximize one-on-ones. Create an environment where coaches are empowered to unearth root causes of negative behavior and celebrate the positive.

Activate Agents

In a meaningful coaching session agents come prepared with the metrics they need in order to activate self-change. Make it easy for agents to access personal scores and arrive at coaching sessions with self-generated improvements and goals.

Once your organization is aligned around a singular definition of coaching your workforce will enjoy increased transparency and productivity. Organizations that want high achieving coaching encounters should aim for straight A’s. Companies that drive action based on an insightful coaching definition will earn a spot on the coaching honor role.

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