3 awesome ways to keep supervisors motivated

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When it comes to talking about motivation and career satisfaction, employees are typically the center of attention. Keeping them engaged is the big solution to delivering a great customer experience at lower cost. But there’s more. What’s the secret to engaging employees? Great managers.

Most companies put a ton of emphasis on frontline employee performance. But they need to remember the chronology of the ‘value chain’, and focus equally (or more) on manager performance. When a manager is equipped with the right tools and knowledge, they can better motivate their team and get the best performance from each individual employee.

So how can an organization ensure that its supervisors are coaching and motivating employees correctly? Here are THREE awesome ways that have proven to work:

Coach the Coaches

You’ve invested money and energy in a motivation program for your employees? Well, invest just as heavily in your supervisors: make sure they also get access to career training and formal courses. You should also probably ensure they also have some kind of knowledge base available, where they can get the relevant assistance that can enhance their own career and motivation.

Career Pathing

We all want to feel like we’re progressing along our career path in some way, and supervisors are no different. Invest time in a plan that will create targets and goals for the supervisor, with coaching and employee engagement critical elements of that plan. Another important motivational factor: supervisors need to be made aware that only truly great coaches rise through the organization’s ranks.


The principles and mechanics behind the gaming industry can, of course, also be applied here. Take a page out of any app developer’s book of tricks to make good use of money, perks, points, badges and more to reward and recognize great coaching. Just as an example, if a certain group of employees moves into the top quartile, or team performance on a specific metric has greatly improved, reward those supervisors!

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