3 Tips to Leverage Big Data and Improve Customer Loyalty

In a recent blog post we discussed the four elements that are needed in order to put into place a winning Customer Experience initiative. Once you have established your strategy, goals and team to help you achieve this, in addition to your technology of choice, you should be ready to put this plan into action and improve customer loyalty.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Stay focused.

In many organizations, retaining loyal customers is often less focused upon than making efforts to acquire new ones. Bearing this in mind, customer experience across key touch points should be enhanced to meet and exceed customer needs throughout the entire customer journey. After all, each satisfied customer is capable of bringing several more your way.

Don't start addressing customer experience issues across multiple touch points at once. Start with the ones of highest impact, be it the telephone or the web, and then weave the rest in as time goes on. The key is to define the type of customer experience you wish to provide, and then execute an appropriate plan at each chosen touch point.

2. Let the numbers be your guide.

There are many types of metrics that could be measured in order to understand where your strategy is succeeding or needs further improvement. These include:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): Focuses on key drivers/promoters/detractors of the brand
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Looks at satisfaction and dissatisfaction drivers
  • Customer Effort Score (CES): Examines barriers inhibiting customers from easily interacting with the organization

Each of these metrics provides a slightly different perspective on customer loyalty. When used together, each one can complement the others in developing a holistic customer experience improvement strategy for your organization.

3. Choose the leader, the rest will follow.

When it comes to determining who the leaders of these initiatives will be, keep in mind that as a group they must possess the right combination of positional power, business background, expertise, and credibility. The initiative’s champion should be inspirational and capable of rallying the entire organization behind improving customer loyalty. There simply isn't any room for error here, especially in the early stages when gaining the momentum for change. And of course, the leaders must master the technology being used and know how to leverage the information being given to gain insights and act upon those insights.

Once you have your strategy in place and you know what needs to be done, how to measure it, and how to achieve your goals, all that’s left is execution. Stay tuned for best practices on how to excel in the actual implementation of your Customer Experience initiative. 

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