19 Essential Don’ts of Customer Experience

The transformation of being a completely customer oriented company that delivers great customer experiences starts slow and steady. Identifying the root causes of failure and avoiding the pitfalls is a prerequisite before beginning the journey. Look deeply into the company’s culture and processes and avoid the snares that often prevent the successful implementation of the CX program.

  1. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the complexities involved in the big data that constitutes customer interactions in a manual manner. It’s not as simple as it looks.

  2. Don’t submit to mediocre experiences. Ensure that every customer experience you create is unique and can be easily repeated by you.

  3. Don’t compromise when it comes to the creation of great customer experience.

  4. Don’t treat customer interface teams as gatekeepers that decide the fate of customer needs.

  5. Don’t merely follow others or lay trust in luck when it comes to creating lasting, memorable customer experiences.

  6. Don’t accept anything but genuine customer focus from your contact center agents. They need to be completely tuned into helping customers by fulfilling their needs.

  7. Don’t be averse to taking risks. Make the distinction in the market by taking calculated and measured customer experience risks.

  8. Don’t accept the status quo when it comes to creating experiences that highlight the commitment of your company towards the customer. Dare to achieve greatness and it will happen.

  9. Don’t miss out on the obvious. A simple ‘thank you’ note or a smile may do the trick sometimes.

  10. Don’t ignore the little details that constitute the overall customer experience. Customers notice everything.

  11. Don’t say anything negative about your competitor. Bad mouthing gives no mileage.

  12. Don’t shun taking responsibility, especially when the system fails.

  13. Don’t ever keep the customer in the dark. Let them know the reality of the situation.  

  14. Don’t make the customer call again for any information that they are looking for. Be proactive and give the information in advance.

  15. Don’t limit the presales/sales/service interactions to boring and mechanical exchanges of statutory information.

  16. Don’t skip the follow-up calls, especially with regard to customer complaints.

  17. Don’t ignore the importance of skilled and trained customer service professionals when it comes to delivering an enriching customer experience.

  18. Don’t make the customer authentication or information gathering process laborious. Customers hate that.

  19. Last but not least, don’t consider delivering a great customer experience as a painful challenge that the company is forced to take in order to remain profitable. It’s your key to success.

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