​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Back Office Workforce Management 

Forecast accuracy and resource management  

NICE Back Office Workforce Management software is designed to handle the challenges of the most complex back office processing environments. We help you automate manual processes, improve forecast accuracy, enable managers to view and manage resource capacity, increase adherence to scheduled tasks, and empower your employees with self-manage tools.

NICE Back Office – Hands On Accurate Forecasting


Transparently reveal objectives and performance ​​​data

Business leaders are tasked every day to contain costs and do more with less. It starts with gaining transparency into how your organization works. With NICE you'll get exactly that:

  • Managers can view and handle resource capacity as well as view adherence to scheduled tasks
  • Improved forecast accuracy. Know precisely how many employees are needed to handle projected work volume
  • Supervisors have visibility into the actual work activities of their employees

NICE Back Office – Hands On Efficient Scheduling


Align multiple ​sites and skills for proactive scheduling

Alignment is key to any thriving company. With NICE back office WFM solution you'll be able to forecast accurately to anticipate needs. Play out what-if scenarios based on possible business needs, and activate if the need arises.

NICE Back Office Workforce management's strength is in effectively handling multi-site and multi-channel environments, making it the ideal solution for back office operations.

Schedule autono​​my​ is built-in motivation

A motivated employee is an engaged employee. NICE Back Office Workforce Management motivates employees through:​

  • Self-managed scheduling and time-off requests
  • Visibility into  leave early and overtime opportunities
  • Insights into own performance

Tackle y​our mos​​t complex scheduling problems

The NICE WFM solution includes multiple features and capabilities, here are some of our favorites:

  • Desktop Data Integration - integration with desktop process management software enables automated calculation of average processing times
  • Efficient Resource Planning - flexible scheduling tool can support virtually any scheduling environment and optimize task assignments for workers who switch between front and back office processing activities
  • Intraday Visibility into backlogs, Capacity and Real-time Employee Activity -​ see into true capacity and efficiently to meet service level agreements even when conditions change

Contact us today to learn how NICE Back Office Workforce Management will empower your back office too.​​​

NICE User Group Community ​

NICE also hosts the world's largest community of industry professionals. The NICE User Group (NUG) helps members optimize the value of NICE applications in their organizations through sharing of best practices. The group partners with NICE to provide an online environment for members to interact and share knowledge. NUG also works closely with leadership at NICE to influence product and service direction. To learn more about the NICE User Group (NUG), please visit www.niceusergroup.​

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