​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Back Office Work Inventory Management  

Optimize​ back office workloads and cost

NICE Back Office Work Inventory Management gives you insight into work backlogs. Managers have the right tools to plan accurately and meet service level agreements every time - without sacrificing quality. Aging can be a problem of the past with NICE Back Office Work Inventory Management.

Transparency into agi​ng a​nd backlog​

Back offices lack insight into backlog, employee productivity, and tools that automate manual processes and save enormous amounts of time. NICE Back Office Work Inventory Management gives managers transparency to see how long items have been aging, and eliminates antiquated spreadsheets; freeing companies from the risk of costly regulatory fines and interest penalties for delayed processing, or lost revenue as customers seek other providers.

NICE Back Office Work Inventory Management allows companies to integrate data from disparate systems to:

  • Create "what if" scenarios, experiment with possibilities and find the best mix for your organization
  • Gain visibility into true resource capacity
  • Efficiently meet service level agreements when conditions change

​Align around processes to drive efficiency  

Most managers don't have adequate insight into their work in progress, and can't easily determine which work is in danger of not being completed on time. We help managers to gain deep insight into their work backlog so that they can accurately plan labor requirements, meet service level agreements and keep quality top-notch. We accomplish this through:​

  • Aligning around intraday/week/month work volume to optimize process improvement
  • Reveal trends that have evolved in the processing environment over time
  • Pinpoint the source of backlogs and create processes to prevent slow-downs

​Motivation for the long haul

Incorporating technology from NICE's industry leading Workforce Management and Performance Management solutions, NICE Back Office Work Inventory Management gives companies the power to see their current status and project future backlogs quickly and efficiently.​

  • Customer satisfaction rises when more tasks are automated
  • Focus employees on tasks that provider greatest impact over customer satisfaction
  • Give access to best practice libraries so employees can learn from top performers

Product ​capabilities​

NICE Work Inventory Management boasts a long list of capabilities that make it essential to leading back office environments. Here are the highlights:

  • Single Data Repository - back office work items from multiple systems are integrated into a single repository
  • Custom Data Connectors - bring in customer-specific data
  • Proactive Inventory Management - uncovers at-risk backlog, allowing you to take corrective action
  • Drill-Down Capacity - supports performance benchmarking of individuals, work groups, supervisors, locations, etc. for process improvements

Contact us today to learn how NICE Back Office Work Inventory management helps you win the battle over backlogs.​

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