​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Back Office Performance Management 

Increase employee engagement and operational performance​​

Do manageable workloads, engaged employees, and consistently met service levels sound like a dream for your team? NICE Back Office Performance Management turns those fantasies into reality. Rapid transformation happens when transparency, insight and motivation COMBINED under the umbrella of performance management to bring your team from scraping by to skyrocketing.

NICE Back Office – Hands On Performance to Key Metrics


Increas​e transparency​​

NICE Back Office Performance Management offers more than just dashboards, scorecards and reports. It empowers employees, equips managers with business results, and assures executives that everyone has visibility into productivity metrics.​

NICE gives managers the freedom of:

  • Consolidated operational performance of the back office processing center and beyond
  • Daily visibility into actionable information to support better decision-making and decrease the time it takes to improve results

NICE Back Office – Hands On Employee Motivation to Excel


Align employees' ​activities with company objectives

NICE Back Office Performance Management ensures that corporate business objectives are aligned with employees' actual activities. Every day, employees can monitor their performance according to these objectives and see exactly where improvements are needed. The benefits of aligning your organization around a single source of truth include:​

  • ​Align the whole organization arround common strategy and goals
  • Break down information silos and bring data together in a single data mart

NICE Back Office – Hands On Results-Driven Culture


Keep employees engaged and ​motivated

Engaged Employees are key to any back office environment. With tools like gamification and a community of best practice sharing NICE Performance Management is proven to keep employees focused on the task at hand. ​

  • Show employees how they stack up against the rest of the team. Are they on par with the standards?
  • Drive real business results and recognize top performers

Spotlight on ​capabilities

Performance driven cultures engage employees, and only engaged employees can provide positive customer experiences. Our solution was built to keep your employees doing their best work by providing:

  • Bridges to NICE Workforce Management and Quality Management
  • 200+ pre-built best-practice KPIs and metrics used to evaluate employee and business performance at top companies
  • Graphical performance dashboards to gain an at-a-glance visibility and compare results against peers​

Contact us today to learn how NICE Back Office Performance Management transforms lackluster back offices and gives you the competitive edge.​​


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