Back Office Proficiency Solutions​

Enga​ge employees for a performance driven culture​

There are three ingredients to a well-oiled back office environment – transparency, alignment, and motivation. NICE can help. The NICE Back Office Proficiency suite eliminates errors by automating manual tasks, optimizes employee productive time, schedules time for highest impact and helps managers coach their team to continued success.

Product​​ivity transparency

Our Back Office Proficiency Suite engages employees by giving managers and employee the transparency necessary to see a clear path to success. Organizations can address productivity issues by using root cause analytics to identify potential process or knowledge gaps and drill into employee idle time with real-time application monitoring. Align the entire organization around a single source of truth in order to get:

  • Clear Picture of productive time
  • Short and Long term capacity planning
  • Daily access to data at all levels

Workflow a​lignment

Schedule employee coaching and training sessions for a laser-sharp workforce. Monitor adherence in real-time, tag employees for coaching follow-up, all within the same back office suite. We simplify processes so you have the freedom to create top-notch schedules and calculate the impact on the customer. Effective use of resources and applications leads to alignment around:

  • Production time variability
  • Real-time adherence
  • Skill vs. will 


Coaches easily check employees' performance vs. targets and can review work backlogs in one system. At NICE we believe a back office suite should help coaches track employee progress across time, and assign engaging follow-up actions, like gamification, to keep the team aligned and motivated. Recognition and accountability aids in:

  • Identify most productive associates
  • Employee ownership of schedules and requests
  • Behavior-driven coaching & gamification

Enable the back office to do their best work

NICE Back Office extends front office efficiency into back office operations. It enables the back office through automation of manual processes, data integration from employees' desktops and improved ability to view, analyze and manage resource capacity. By providing tools to ensure regulatory compliance and, elevating the skills of employees, ultimately customers and employees alike are satisfied by a job
well done.​​