Back Office Proficiency Essentials

The Challenge

Measuring and driving Back Office performance is challenging as it requires visibility into agent desktop and process activity which isn’t always there. Essentially, Back-Office operations are faced with the following two challenges: 

  1. How can you tell who is working and who isn’t (or who is doing the right thing and who is doing the thing right)? ​
  2. How can employee performance and engagement be driven and improved? 

 According to a recent analysis​ conducted by NICE which covered 40 customers spanning over multiple industries. the gap between expected and actual productivity was on average 24%. This means there is roughly 115 minutes per day per employee of scheduled work time, when work is not being done. This is a huge opportunity for organizations to capitalize on. The question is how.

The Solution

NICE Back Office Proficiency Essentials is an entry-level solution tailored for the Back Office which both measures and drives Back Office performance. The NICE Back Office Proficiency Essentials can be deployed in as little as 5 months and value is realized within 1 month from deployment. 

The Back-Office Proficiency Essentials contains the following two components which can be deployed either on premises or as a cloud / hosted solution. 

Desktop Analytics which provides for the following: 

  • ​Captures desktop activity and categorizes it into productivity buckets 
  • Determine work compliance standards and specific application usage 
  • Capture process handle times, cycle times and reopen rates 
  • Determine process time standards 
  • Determine process activity breakdown 

A lite version of NICE Performance Management which provides: 

  • Robust visualization of desktop process data 
  • Provides performance related KPIs, trends and deep dive analysis 
  • New Engagement KPI for tracking employee engagement over time
  • Define and execute dedicated coaching sessions for driving performance 
  • Measure coaching effectiveness on KPIs 

The Benefits

The combination of Desktop Analytics with a lite version of Performance Management enables organizations to not just measure performance but to drive and improve it as well. Back Office Proficiency Essentials drives employee performance by 15%-18% with initial value realization beginning a single month from deployment completion. 

The Back-Office Proficiency Essentials is easily extended to add other Workforce Optimization (WFO) components such as WFM, work inventory management, work routing and full Adaptive Performance Management. In short, it’s a solution which grows with your business requirements. 

As Back Office Proficiency Essentials focuses not only on measuring but on driving and improving performance the traditional ‘Big Brother’​ rejections are easier to address as operation managers can now have meaningful interactions with their employees which are aimed at getting them to be more productive, proficient and more engaged in their day to days tasks. This is what ultimately serves the organization’s high goal of operational efficiency and providing their customers with exceptional services and experience.